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The largest food delivery service in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


How to find order history
Phone Number Masking feature
Change a voucher that already applied
How to pay order with credit/debit card
Payment with combination method
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How to use GoPayLater for my orders
Can’t pay with credit/debit card
How to use GoPay for Gojek services
How to manage your payment method
GoFood Pickup order notification
Find restaurant using Pickup feature
Create multiple orders at the same time
How to find GoFood Super Partner
How to find Subscription vouchers
I can’t add my credit/debit card
Secure debit/credit card if you lost your phone
Why can't I order GoFood delivery?
I was charged for a Restaurant Takeaway Fee
How to use Jago Pocket to pay my order
Driver has completed my order status without delivering it
I can’t use Jago to pay my order
Saved Addresses Feature in GoFood
Contactless delivery
How to find GoFood vouchers
How to redeem promo code
I can’t find a certain store
I can't find a driver
Can't create multiple GoFood orders at once
Chat to driver after the order completed
I forgot to pay my order to the driver
Driver bought me wrong item
I paid twice for the same order
How to find GoFood Partner
Driver was Impolite
Price in app was different from invoice
I received a poor quality of food
How to rate and review a restaurant
How to order GoFood
Driver asked for more payment
GoFood delivery area
Payment combination using GoPay/GoPayLater and cash
Order for someone in a different location
How to give rating and tip to driver
How to buy GoFood Plus subscription
How to use GoFood Plus
How to pick up GoFood order by myself
I was charged for a Platform fee
How to write a good restaurant review
I can't submit restaurant review
Restaurant review is not shown/missing
GoFood Reviews and Ratings Terms & Conditions
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