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How to rate and review a restaurant
How to rate and review a restaurant

Do you know that you can give ratings and reviews for GoFood merchants after finishing your order? So, don't forget to give 5 golden stars to your favorite restaurant!

Follow these easy steps:

1. Choose GoFood on your Gojek app homepage. Or, swipe up the services menu to find GoFood.

2. On the GoFood homepage, you will find the restaurant rating option from your last order.

You can also find restaurant rating options for your previous orders on the GoFood History page.

3. Rate the restaurant by clicking the stars (1-5 stars) based on your experience*. 

4. After giving a rating, you can also leave a review. Please write an honest review** based on your experience regarding the restaurant’s products and/or services in a polite manner :)

Read the guide about how to write a good review in the following article: “How to write a good restaurant review”.


Your name will be displayed in the review that you wrote. Click the “Hide my name from the review” button if you want to leave a review anonymously (this feature will be released gradually in Gojek app version 4.30 and later. If you can't find it, your name will be automatically hidden).

5. Click ‘Submit’ after you're done.

For your information, in Gojek app version 4.23 and later, the rating and review you give will be displayed on the restaurant’s Ratings & reviews page and can be seen by other customers. Click the rating on the restaurant’s profile page to see the detailed reviews left by you and other customers.

*) If you received food with bad quality or incorrect/incomplete item, you can report it to us through your GoFood order history.

**) GoFood Reviews and Ratings Terms & Conditions apply.