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How to find GoFood vouchers
How to find GoFood vouchers

Can you believe that GoFood always gives discount vouchers for you to order food or drinks at your favorite merchant? 

Well, you have to! Find your vouchers on these 3 different pages on the Gojek app:

  • GoFood Homepage
    When you open the GoFood page on the Gojek app, you will see the number of GoFood vouchers that you have (scroll down if you don’t find it right away). Click to see the voucher details.
  • ‘Promos’ menu
    From Gojek homepage, you can go to ‘Promos’ menu and choose ‘Vouchers’ to see all the GoFood vouchers you have.
  • ‘My Profile’ menu
    Or, you can go to 'My Profile’ menu and choose ‘My Vouchers’ to find your vouchers

Now you’ve found the vouchers, haven’t you?