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Create multiple orders at the same time
Create multiple orders at the same time

Use Gojek services to make your activities easier. You can also make multiple orders for GoRide, GoFood*, GoShop, GoMart, GoSend, GoCar, GoBluebird, or GoBox at a time.

For example:

You are on your way home using GoRide, and you want to order food using GoFood at the same time


You are just making an order using GoRide service, and you need to make an order with another GoRide driver for your sister

Here’s how to make multiple orders: 

  • After entering your first order detail, click the 'Order' button
  • Click on the arrow icon on the top left of your screen when searching for a driver, or you can press your back button on your phone if you’ve already found a driver

  • When you’re back on the Gojek home page, choose the service that you want to order 
  • Enter your order detail, then click 'Order' to continue the process 
  • Yay, you’ve just successfully made a new order. Please check the 'Order' page to see your ongoing orders. 

*On the GoFood service, we have set the terms in limiting the number of orders for ongoing bookings, the maximum number of GoFood orders that can be created for ongoing orders at the same time is 4 (four) orders.