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Updated as of 22 January 2024


We thank you for Your trust in GoMart services in the Gojek App. Please take Your time to read the whole Terms and Use of GoMart ("GoMart Terms of Use").

This GoMart Terms of Use is an integral part of Gojek Terms of Use. If You use the GoMart Service in the Gojek App, You will be deemed to have read and agreed to the Terms of Use of Gojek. Therefore, if You do not agree to part or all of the conditions of the GoMart Terms of Use, please discontinue the use of GoMart Service.


    Unless specifically defined below and in other parts of the GoMart User Terms, capital letters used in the GoMart Terms of Use must be interpreted in accordance with the terms in the Gojek App Terms and Use.
    1. GoMart is one of the services available in the Gojek App, where You can make Transactions on the Gojek App based on the availability of the Products.
    2. Merchant is the party that acts as owner and provider of Products.
    3. Delivery Service Provider is PT Antar Makanan Anak Bangsa, which is a Service Provider that provides Product handling and delivery service to You through GoMart.
    4. Product are goods, foods and/or drinks that You purchase through GoMart that are available on the Gojek App.
    5. Transaction is purchasing, handling and delivering Product through GoMart Service.

    1. By using GoMart Service, You agree and authorize the Delivery Service Provider to make a Transaction.
    2. You can perform a Transaction for the Product on the GoMart page during  determined operational hours. The Delivery Service Provider will follow up on Your Transaction, including but not limited to, paying for and delivering Product.
    3. To minimize inaccuracy during the execution of the Transaction by the Delivery Service Provider, You are expected to provide full and complete details on the information of the Product purchased.
    4. We and/or the Delivery Service Provider do not guarantee the availability of the Product.
    5. You can contact and/or be contacted by the Delivery Service Provider to obtain confirmation or clarification regarding Transaction, including but not limited to the availability and/or change of Product, change in Product price, delivery address, recipient of the Product, or other information, through the communication features in the Gojek App and/or other communication lines before or when performing Transaction.
    6. You can only cancel the Transaction before the Delivery Service Provider purchases the Product.
    7. We and/or the Delivery Service Provider have the right to refuse Your Transaction if We have a reasonable reason that by proceeding Your transaction, You will violate the GoMart Terms of Use, Gojek Terms and Use and/or applicable laws and regulations,  including but not limited to indications of fraud.

    1. You can choose the payment method that will be used when making the Transaction. Payment methods that can be used are cash, GoPay and other methods available in the Gojek App. Payments using GoPay will be processed according to the terms and conditions that apply to GoPay services.
    2. You understand that the Transaction fees that You are required to pay include the Product prices, shopping bag fee, Product handling and delivery fees and/or other additional fees as notified by Us from time to time . Product delivery fees will be displayed on the Gojek App before You use the GoMart Service. You understand that the Delivery Service Provider can change and/or renew Product handling and delivery fees from time to time through Us based on certain factors, including location, time, applicable laws and regulations.
    3. You understand that if there are other costs incurred during the provision of GoMart Service to You, including but not limited to toll fees and parking fees, then You are fully responsible for these costs and the Delivery Service Provider has the right to request reimbursement of these other costs from You. Payment of other costs can be made in cash or paid through other payment features available in the Gojek Apps.
    4. You understand that the Merchant has full authority to determine and make changes to the Product prices and shopping bag fee. Therefore, We are not responsible if there is a difference between the estimated prices You input in GoMart Service and the prices applied by the Merchant.
    5. In connection with the above conditions, You agree to pay the Product price and shopping bag fee in the amount stated in the receipt or purchase receipt issued by the Merchant as submitted by the Delivery Service Provider to You after the Transaction is conducted.

    1. You or other parties that You appoint to receive the Product understand to make themselves available, can be contacted, and can receive the Product when the Product is delivered by the Delivery Service Provider.
    2. You can provide a review as contained in GoMart Service after Your Transaction is complete.
    3. We are not responsible for Product, including but not limited to the following:
      1. the price difference listed on GoMart page and the actual price;
      2. condition and quality of the Product;
      3. duration of delivery by the Delivery Service Provider;
      4. failure to complete the Transaction by Delivery Service Providers; and
      5. inconsistency between the Product purchased and the Product delivered.

    1. The representations and warranties of the User as stipulated in this Article are in addition to the representation and warranties provided by the User as contained in the Terms of Use. There are no provisions in this Article that reduce or limit the applicability of the representation and warranties provided by the User in the Gojek Terms of Use.
    2. You represent and warrant that: (i) the Product You purchased is true at will and for Your needs and/or at the request of the other party You have appointed and has been informed to agree to accept the Product; (ii) the Product is not purchased to cause harm or inconvenience to another person or to the recipient of the Product; and (iii) You will pay in full for the Product You purchased in accordance with the Transaction.
    3. If any loss or problem occurs during the provision of the GoMart Service, including accidents caused by the negligence of the partner of the Delivery Service Provider, or traffic regulation violations, We will, to the best of Our ability, assist in connecting You with a partner of the Delivery Service Provider in finding a resolution to the issue. We have no obligation whatsoever regarding any issues or disputes that arise between You and the partner of the Delivery Service Provider, including taking legal action deemed necessary by You or the partner of the Delivery Service Provider.
    4. Product sales made by the Merchant to You and Transactions involving Merchant, You and Delivery Service Provider form a direct relationship between the Merchant, You and/or Delivery Service Provider, for which We are not a party to the relationship. We are not responsible for any actions or negligence of the Merchant and/or Delivery Service Provider against You. As long as it is governed by the applicable law, the Merchant, You, and/or Delivery Service Provider are responsible for each other for any obligations and responsibilities that arise from the Transaction.
    5. The Delivery Service Provider has the right to refuse Your GoMart Service request if the Delivery Service Provider has reasonable reason to suspect that You have, or by proceeding  Your transaction, You will violate the GoMart Terms of Use, Gojek Terms of Use or applicable laws and regulations or if there is any indication of acts of fraud in the transaction.

How To Contact Us

You can contact us by e-mail to the following address: customerservice@gojek.com  or by telephone to number (021) 5094 1000. All Your correspondence will be recorded and stored for Our records.

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