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Optimize your business expense effortlessly.

Introducing GoCorp,

a business expense management platform by Gojek

GoCorp offers a user-friendly dashboard for real-time management of transportation, food delivery, and logistics expenses. Integrated with Gojek's on-demand ecosystem, employees can easily book GoCar, GoRide, GoFood, GoSend, and GoBox through the app, eliminating traditional reimbursement processes for enhanced control and flexibility.

Why do companies choose GoCorp?

Tailored to cater to the needs of businesses in Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam with various features for business


Improving visibility

Enhance visibility through a real-time dashboard, accessible anytime anywhere


Better budgeting control

GoCorp features ensure usage aligns with company regulations, help to optimizing costs


Streamlined process

End-to-end digital process, seamless process for allocation, distribution and reporting


Connected with Gojek services

Integrated with GoCar, GoRide, GoFood, GoSend, and GoBox, ensuring high familiarity usage


Automated and integrated

Access a single dashboard to monitor and control each business expenses

90% of clients agree that GoCorp helps companies become more efficient in terms of cost and time

8 out of 10 clients choose GoCorp as their preferred option for effective expense management

GoCorp helps save up to 50% of the time needed in managing business expenses

87% of clients agree that GoCorp has improved the company's visibility to expenses

Helping thousands companies manage expenses efficiently

GoCorp has been instrumental in assisting our company in meeting transportation needs more efficiently. Despite the fluctuating demands and availability of owned operational vehicles, GoCorp aids us in consistently facilitating our company's operational requirements.

Edi Hartono

Head of Asset Management and General Services Division, Bank DKI

It can be concluded that a single trip with GoCorp can result in cost savings of up to 40% compared to using office-operated vehicles.

Nadhifa Aurelia P

Information Technology & General Affairs Division, PT Jakarta Propertindo

By maximizing the utilization of GoCorp, we can reduce the number of operational vehicles, leading to significant business expense savings.

Aries Sofyanto

General Affair, Dentsu Indonesia

GoCorp facilitates faster document delivery. Once the documents are ready, we can instantly send them, as they are received on the same day.

Brata Adhipramana

Billing Distributor and Analysis Manager, Danone Indonesia

GoCorp has greatly contributed to improving services at the PMI DKI Jakarta Province, especially in the Blood Donor Unit. Blood shipments are delivered to their destinations safely, quickly, and accurately.

Pierlita Rini

Head Manager of Blood Service, Palang Merah Indonesia

The enabler to empower your employees to excel in their

daily tasks effortlessly

Gain access to the powerful dashboard with the best offering



No Registration Fee 


Experience the convenience of our services with no registration fee upfront.



No minimum usage


Without minimum usage requirements, GoCorp is suitable for both SME companies and for large enterprises.



No deposit required

 Use GoCorp tools and features, no upfront deposit.
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A single, adaptable, and highly efficient platform

Experience the adaptability of GoCorp, a single platform designed with a various of features to cater to diverse industries and business use cases.
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Tailored solutions for every industry and business use cases

Discover how GoCorp effectively addresses the needs of a wide range of industries in Indonesia across various business use cases.
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Comprehensive features with a wider range of service options

Discover GoCorp's extensive features complemented by a variety of service options, all supported by Gojek's on-demand services.
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Start the journey to business efficiency with GoCorp

Join GoCorp today and set your business on the path to efficient expense management, enjoying flexibility and no upfront costs.
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