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Updated as of  22 January 2024


We thank you for Your trust in GoBox Service in the Gojek App. Please take Your time to read the whole Terms of Use of GoBox ("GoBox Terms of Use").

This GoBox Terms of Use is an integral part of Gojek Terms of Use. If You use the GoBox Service on the Gojek App, You will be deemed to have read and agreed to the GoBox Terms of Use. Therefore, if You do not agree to part or all of the conditions of the GoBox Terms of Use, please discontinue the use of GoBox Service.


    Unless specifically defined below and in other parts of the GoBox Terms of Use, capitalized terms used in the GoBox Terms of Use must be interpreted in accordance with the terms in the Gojek Terms of Use.

    Goods are goods that will be sent by the sender to the recipient using the services of a Delivery Service Provider through GoBox.

    GoBox is a Goods handling and delivery service, provided by Delivery Service Provider to deliver Goods from the pickup location of the sender of Goods to the recipient's User-specified destination location.

    Delivery Service Provider is PT Antar Makanan Anak Bangsa, which is a service provider that provides Goods delivery service to You through GoBox.

    1. You are required to provide complete and accurate information regarding the type of vehicle of the Delivery Service Provider to transport the Goods, the complete address of the pickup of the Goods, the destination of the recipient of the Goods and the type of Goods to be delivered by writing the details of the item (e.g., item name, item weight, and type of goods) in the Goods description field provided. You are also required to fill out information regarding the sender's telephone number and the recipient's telephone number, and may provide special instructions on the delivery of Goods.
    2. Should You deem necessary, subject to Your own assessment in accordance with the details of the Goods, You can do packaging on the Goods so that the Goods sent by the Delivery Service Provider are not damaged during the trip.
    3. If the Goods to be shipped have been packed, the Delivery Service Provider can, as permitted and witnessed by You, open and check the inside of the packaging to ensure that the contents are in accordance with the description of the Goods and do not violate the GoBox Terms of Use.
    4. We do not provide loading and transport assistive equipment such as dollies, pallets, vertical transfer equipment, and other similar equipment. The User or the sender is responsible for providing such equipment if needed.
    5. You understand that the fees that You are required to pay include the Goods handling and delivery fees and/or other additional fees as notified by Us from time to time. You understand and acknowledge that the Delivery Service Provider can change the offer and/or update the handling and delivery fees offered from time to time based on certain factors, including location, time, applicable laws and regulations.
    6. You understand that if there are other costs incurred during the provision of GoBox to You, including but not limited to toll fees and parking fees, then You are fully responsible for these costs and the Delivery Service Provider has the right to request reimbursement of these other costs from You. Payment of other costs can be made in cash or paid through other payment features available in the Gojek Apps.

    1. If the sender's property is damaged, defective or lost during the implementation of GoBox Services, You can file a complaint to the Delivery Service Provider through the Gojek Call Center or send an email as explained in the Gojek App Terms of Use under “How to Contact Us” section.

    2. For the purpose of filing a complaint with regards to lost or damaged Goods, the User is obliged to prepare and send all required documents to the Delivery Service Provider and/or the insurance provider. The required documents can be seen on information page related to GoBox Insurance at https://www.gojek.com/blog/gobox/asuransi-gobox.

    3. The Delivery Service Provider cooperates with Us and a third-party insurance provider to provide insurance for Your Goods that are damaged or lost within the course of Your use of GoBox Services. If You decide to insure Your Goods, please choose the value of insurance coverage with the insurance premium price according to Your needs under the 'Insurance' menu on the GoBox Service booking page.

      For the avoidance of doubt, We or the Delivery Service Provider don’t act as an agent or representative of the third-party insurance service provider and not a party to the insurance agreement for the Goods transported between You and the third party insurance provider.

    4. You cannot claim for compensation to the Delivery Service Provider if You submit the claim more than 7 (seven) working days after the date the GoBox Service is performed. You also cannot make a claim to the Delivery Service Provider if the Goods You send through GoBox Services are categorized as the type of goods as stipulated in Article 4 of this GoBox Terms of Use.

    5. For any claim of items loss or damage, you will be charged 2.5% of the applicable coverage value (which takes into account the Good’s depreciation value).


    When a User uses GoBox Services, the User is obliged to ensure that the Goods delivered are not categorized as the goods that cannot be delivered using GoBox Services, including:
    1. Restricted Goods, including but not limited to:
      1. Money (cash, coins, foreign currency);
      2. Narcotics, marijuana, morphine, and other products that cause addiction;
      3. Pornography in any form;
      4. Delivery that requires a longer duration than the required transit time;
      5. Living animals and plants;
      6. Easily damaged groceries and beverages that require refrigeration or a controlled environment;
      7. Explosives, firearms, weapons, and parts thereof;
      8. Gambling device and lottery ticket;
      9. Government-controlled goods;
      10. Goods resulting from crime, for example stolen goods and so on; and/or
      11. Other goods which are prohibited by applicable laws and regulations;
    2. Extraordinary Goods, including but not limited to:
      1. Artworks, including works made or done using creative skills, sense or talents for sale, exhibited or collected, including, but not limited to items (and parts thereof) such as paintings, drawings, vases, rugs;
      2. Films, photographic images, including negative photography, chromes photography, photography slides;
      3. Commodities that are naturally very vulnerable to damage, or highly variable market values, or difficult to ascertain;
      4. Antiques, commodities that show the style or fashion of a past era whose history, age or scarcity contributes to its value. These items include but are not limited to, furniture, tableware, glasses, and collectibles such as coins, stamps;
      5. Glassware in the form of jewelry, including costume jewelry, watches and parts thereof, gemstones or stones (noble or semiprecious) industrial diamonds and jewelry made of precious metal;
      6. Animal hair, including but not limited to fur clothing, clothing with trimming and furry skin;
      7. Precious Metals, including but not limited to gold and silver bars or powder, deposits or platinum (except as an integral part of electronic machinery);
      8. Digital goods and / or intangible goods containing the conversion of refill units that have economic value, such as electric pulse vouchers, electric game vouchers, electric tokens;
      9. Stamps, excise on liquor, stamp duty;
      10. Blood stock: and/or
      11. Gold Coins (must be packaged with coin headers or Safe-T Mailers and must be kept from touching one another or wrapped in layered material).
    3. Valuable Documents, including but not limited to:
      1. Land Ownership Certificate and/or Right of Land Ownership Certificate (SHM) and Building Exploitation Permit (HGB);
      2. Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership (BPKB), Graduation Certificate, Passport; and/or
      3. Other Bank Deposit Bond Certificates defined by us as Valuable Documents.
      4. Goods which (weight and volume) exceed the vehicle's carrying capacity as stipulated in the GoBox Service in the Gojek App and/or the applicable laws.

    1. Goods that cannot be delivered because the recipient of the Goods cannot be found at the recipient’s address is not Our responsibility. We do not provide safekeeping services in any form for You or the sender of the Goods.
    2. If the Delivery Service Provider deliver the undelivered Goods as stipulated in Article 5(a) to Us, the User can retrieve the undelivered Goods within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the transaction between the User and the Delivery Service Provider Partner in our nearest office ("Period of Goods Retrieval"). If the undelivered Goods are not retrieved during the Period of Goods Retrieval, then the expiration of the Period of Goods Retrieval is your express statement  to instruct Us, without Your prior consent, to take actions that We deem appropriate for the Goods (including but not limited to donating, destroying or disposing of the Goods).
    3. In the event that the undelivered Goods as provided in Article 5(a) are not Your property and We understand that the undelivered Goods have not been taken by You or your representative after the Period of Goods Retrieval has expired, You are deemed to have intentionally grant Your consent to release the ownership and/or all rights of the Goods. The release of the ownership and/or all rights of the Goods is Your responsibility. You acknowledge that You will hold Us harmless from any issue that occurs between You and the owner of the undelivered Goods.

    1. The representations and warranties of the User as stipulated in Article 6 are in addition to the representations and warranties provided for the User as contained in the Gojek Terms of Use. There are no provisions in this Article 6 that reduce or limit the applicability of the representations and warranties provided for the User in the Gojek Terms of Use.
    2. You represent and warrant that You know and understand the risks of sending Goods using GoBox Services and: a. if You are the sender of Goods, You are the person authorized to deliver Goods and b. if You are the recipient of the Goods, you are the person authorized to receive the Goods.
    3. If any loss or problem occurs during the provision of the GoBox Service, including accidents caused by the negligence of the partner of the Delivery Service Provider, or traffic regulation violations, We will, to the best of Our ability, assist in connecting You with a partner of the Delivery Service Provider in finding a resolution to the issue. We have no obligation whatsoever regarding any issues or disputes that arise between You and the partner of the Delivery Service Provider, including taking legal action deemed necessary by You or the partner of the Delivery Service Provider.
    4. The Delivery Service Provider has the right to refuse Your GoBox Service request if the Delivery Service Provider has reasonable reasons to suspect that You have, or by accepting GoBox Service request from You, You will, violate the GoBox Terms of Use, the Gojek Terms of Use or applicable laws and regulations.


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