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Updated as of 17 February 2024

Greetings from Gojek!

Like every other service provider, we have our own Terms and Conditions that users will have to agree on before using our service. To make it easier to understand, we have summarized the points.

  • Terms and Conditions is an agreement between You as a user and Gojek so that there will be no misunderstandings in the future.
  • Gojek is a technology company. To cater to all your needs, Gojek also works with third parties. All content and offers presented by third parties are beyond our responsibility.
  • Gojek is an application you can download for free that offers paid services. To create an account and use Gojek services, You have to be at least 18 (eighteen) years old. You, as a user, are fully responsible for your own decisions while accessing services on Gojek app.
  • Verification/OTP code is confidential. Never share your OTP code to anyone including Us.
  • By using the Gojek app, you are bound by regulations regarding this Terms of Use.

Read more about the Terms of Use below.

  • Intro

    1. General Terms

      This Terms of Use is an agreement between Users (“You”, “Your”, or “Yourself”) and PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk ("Gojek", “We”, “Us”, or “Our”), a limited liability company duly established and legally operating under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and domiciled in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. This Terms of Use governs Your access and use of the app, website (www.gojek.com and other websites We manage), content and products provided by Us and/or our affiliates (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “Application”), as well as order, payment or use of the service available on our Application provided by Us and/or our affiliates (“Service or Services”).

      By agreeing to this Terms of Use, You also agree to additional Terms of Use, customer website (https://www.gojek.com/blog/), including the Terms of Use of each Service, and changes that are an integral part of this Terms of Use (hereinafter, the Terms of Use, additional terms of Use, customer website (https://www.gojek.com/blog/), and its changes are collectively referred to as “Terms of Use”). Notwithstanding the inseparability, the additional Terms of Use supersedes the Terms of Use in case of any discrepancies among them.
    2. Use of Application and Services
  • What you need to know about Gojek app?

    1. Signing-up and Signing-in Gojek Account
      1. Device Authentication Features
        If You are using a device that supports fingerprints and/or facial recognition features, You can enable such device authentication feature for logging in to our Application.

        When You are enabling the fingerprints and/or facial recognition features in Your mobile device for authentication purposes in Application, please note that We do not store such biometric data. Unless otherwise notified to You, such data is stored in Your mobile device and may also be stored by third parties, such as Your device’s manufacturer. You agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible for any unauthorised access or loss towards such biometric data which is stored in your mobile device.

        If You are changing your mobile device, an OTP will still be required for you to log in to the Application. If You wish to enable the device authentication feature in your new device, you can do so in Your device settings.
    2. Rate and Fees
      Our Application is free to download. However, We may charge price and/or fees for using certain features on Application in the future.

      Services available on the Application are subject to rates that You can find on Application before You order the Service. We may adjust or renew rates from time to time based on certain factors, among other location, time, type of Services and applicable laws. We may also charge price and/or fees of a certain amount as a payment to use Application which may be collected by Us, our affiliates, or Service Provider. For avoidance of doubt, Applicable Law means all applicable laws, by-laws, enactments, regulations, regulatory policies, ordinances, protocols, industry codes, road traffic codes, regulatory permits, regulatory licences or requirements of any court, tribunal or governmental, statutory, regulatory, judicial, administrative or supervisory authority or body, which are in force from time to time during the term of these Terms of Use (“Applicable Law”).

      You may pay the Services, Third-Party Content or Offers You ordered by cash or electronic payment methods, provided by independent third parties (“Payment Method Provider”), on Application, including electronic money, loan facility, company invoice (using the connected authorized user Account with Your employer) debit or credit card or other payment methods (“Payment Method”) which may vary from time to time based on our sole discretion.

      To enable payment by Payment Method, You have to register officially on the Payment Method Provider you choose and use Your personal payment credentials. If You use other party’s registered credentials, You are fully responsible for all licenses required and all losses or disputes arise between You and that other party, either caused by Your, Our, Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider, Offers Provider or Payment Method Provider’s negligence or omission.

      We reserve the right to refuse or postpone Your payment request using the Payment Method for certain reasons, including but not limited to any indication or We have sufficient reasons to suspect any fraud, deceit, violation against Terms of Use, violation against Applicable Law including related to payment using cards, electronic money, payment transaction processes, anti-money laundering, corruption and terrorism financing, or any unusual or suspicious behaviour, including any obligation You have yet to fulfill to Us.

      Further provisions regarding the applicable rates for certain Services, Third-Party content, Offers and/or Payment Method can be found on the additional Terms of Use of each Service You order and terms and conditions of the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider, Offers Provider and/or Payment Method Provider.
    3. Content Information and Promotion
      We or other parties cooperating with Us may provide Third-Party Content which You may find on the Application. In any event where the Third-Party Content is provided by other parties cooperating with Us (“Third-Party Content Provider”), We are not liable to any part of the Third-Party Content. Your access to or use of the Third-Party Content is Your conformity to the terms and conditions set forth by Us or the Third-Party Content Provider, including Our Privacy Notice or Third-Party Content Provider’s privacy policy.

      Third-Party Content means any and/or all information and goods and/or services offering, made and/or compiled and/or developed and/or managed by Third-Party Content Provider including but not limited to text or writing, pictures, quotes or excerption, photos, illustrations, animations, videos, sound or music recordings, titles, descriptions and/or any other form of data provided by Third-Party Content Provider to be displayed on the Application, including any link redirected thereto. For the avoidance of doubt, the Content also includes every and/or all information, data, actual news, writings, images, quotes, photos, illustrations, animations, videos, sound recordings, obtained by Third-Party Content Provider from third parties, where the Third-Party Content Provider has the authority to use and distribute the content.

      We or other parties cooperating with Us may provide offers or promotions (“Offers”) that are exchangeable for goods, Services or other benefits related to the use of Application. In any event where Offers are provided by other parties cooperate with Us (“Offers Providers”), We are not liable to any part of the Offers. Your access to or use of the Offers is Your conformity to the terms and conditions set forth by Us or the Offers Providers, including Our or Offers Provider’s Privacy Notice.

      All information, Offers contained in Application are intended solely to provide You the best experience when using Application or Services. You shall not abuse Offers received during the use of Application or Services.

      For every Offer in the form of a voucher for the use of the Service ("Voucher"), the use of the Voucher by You shall be subject to the Voucher’s specific terms and conditions. Please carefully check before using the Voucher. We may, at our discretion, refuse your request to use or purchase a Voucher for any reason. For the avoidance of doubt, Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, cannot be refunded under any circumstances, and cannot be resold or exchanged for money. Vouchers can only be used against the fees charged by Us and/or the Service Provider in connection with your orders placed through the Application. We have the discretion to apply the Voucher to such fees in any order or manner deemed fit. This Voucher is not valid for any additional fees such as cancellation fees, tolls, road usage fees, take-out fees, entrance fees for buildings or areas, and other applicable additional fees (such as but not limited to peak hour and midnight surcharges) which are subject to collection by the Service Provider from You.

      You agree to utilize the Offers in accordance with the terms, conditions, and purpose of the Offers and will not abuse, duplicate, monetize, transfer, use for commercial purposes or take unfair advantage of the Offers in any form of manner whatsoever.

      You understand that Offers are not exchangeable for cash, have a limited validity period and are subject to the conditions that apply to each of the Offers.

    4. Personal Information
      Collection, storing, processing, use and sharing of Your personal information, such as identity data, contact data, location data You provided when opening an Account are subject to the Privacy Notice, which is an integral part of this Terms of Use.
    5. Application Software
      We only provide official Application software on official digital markets, such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and for use on mobile phones or tablet devices only. Downloading the Application from platforms other than official digital markets and/or to devices other than mobile phones or tablets is a violation of these Terms of Use and of Our intellectual property rights.

      To get the best experience while using the Application, We may, from time to time, develop the Application including modifications, repairs, enhancement, updates, additions, and all programs, features, data and information within the Application (“Update”). The use of these Updates are to enhance the functions of the Application and to provide you an improved and enhanced experience. Please ensure that you check for the latest version of the Application and perform Updates regularly.

      Updates may be made and performed automatically or may require action from You. You agree to receive such Updates when available and permit Gojek to deliver them to you as part of your use of the Application. Please note that the Application may not operate optimally or may not operate at all if the Update is not installed or carried out by You. While the Updates may be automatically deployed or require your manual intervention, please be advised that in the event any form of discrepancies exist due to possible gaps between those Updates, usage of the Application represents your confirmation that the latest version shall prevail.

      We cannot guarantee that Updates will be available, or that those Updates will be compatible or always compatible with your mobile device specifications and/or your operating system.


  • What do we expect from you as a Gojek User?

    1. Your Account
      Your Account can only be used by You and cannot be transferred to other people for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse to facilitate orders/transactions if We know or have sufficient reasons to suspect that You have transferred or allowed Your Account to be used by someone else.

      The security and confidentiality of Your Account, including registered name, electronic mail address, registered mobile number, payment details and Payment Method you choose, as well as verification code generated and sent by Our or Payment Method Provider’s system are fully Your personal responsibility. All losses and risks arising from Your negligence in maintaining such security and confidentiality are borne by You. In such cases, We assume any use or order made through Your Account as Your legitimate request.

      Immediately notify Us upon knowing or suspecting that Your Account has been used without Your knowledge and consent. We will take actions We consider necessary and We may do toward that unconsented use.
      1. Account Linking
        You may link your Gojek account with third party platform to access or enable certain features, including wallet linking, loyalty programs, and accessing the services or products which are available in Our platform and third party platform.
      2. Account Deactivation and Account Unlinking
        If You wish to deactivate your Gojek account or unlink your Gojek account with other third party platform, you can access the options in the Gojek App or submitting your request directly to customerservice@gojek.com.
    2. Your Statement
    3. Your Responsibility
      You are fully responsible for the decisions that You made to use Application, Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment Method. You shall treat the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider, Offers Provider, and Payment Method Provider respectfully and shall not engage in unauthorized, threatening or harassing behaviors when using Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment Method.

      You are fully responsible for any loss and/or claim arising from the use of the Application, Services, Third-Party Content, Offers or Payment Method using Your Account, either by You or other parties who use Your account, in a manner that is contrary to this Terms and Use, Privacy Notice, including the terms and conditions and privacy policy set forth by the Service Provider, Third-Party Content Provider, Offers Provider and Payment Method Provider, or Applicable Law, including but not limited to the purposes of anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism financing, criminal activities, fraud in any form (including but not limited to phishing and/or social engineering activities), violations of intellectual property rights, and/or other activities that are harmful to the public and/or any other parties or are considered damaging to Our reputation.


  • What should you understand about our Intellectual Property?

    1. Intellectual Property
  • Problems and disputes settlement

    1. Troubleshoot
    2. Temporary Suspension and Permanent Suspension of Your Account
    3. Actions We Consider Necessary
    4. Limitation of Our Responsibility
    5. Force Majeure
    6. Governing Laws
    7. Dispute


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