My account was hijacked by someone else

If you feel someone is using your Gojek account without your knowledge, such as:

  • You received a notification saying that someone has changed your profile such as your name, phone number, or email address in the Gojek app. You can check the 'My Profile' page to see if the changes have occurred or not. If your profile doesn't change, it means your Gojek account is secure. However, please always be vigilant and do not give permission to others to access your. If you see there’s different account information but don't get any notifications and it's your first time logging in to your Gojek account, there's a possibility that the number you are using is a recycled number. Don't worry, you can change your data directly on 'My Profile' page. Click here to see how.
  • There’s someone asking for your Gojek account OTP code for various reasons or pretending that they are from Gojek. Gojek has never asked for an OTP code for any reasons. So, never share the OTP code with others, okay?

Please report it to us by clicking the Contact Us* button below. 

*) Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

Before filling in the form in Gojek app, please prepare the scammer's details such as phone number, WhatsApp, or social media account name.

Please always be careful of fake accounts admitting on behalf of Gojek or GoPay, because the official Gojek or GoPay accounts have been verified with a tick or verified logo.

Other important information:

  • If you experience selling scam on the purchase of goods, services, or top up to someone's bank/account, please report it immediately to us in the article: I experienced a scam
  • If you receive a notification stating that the GoPay Plus upgrade was rejected because the ID has been registered in another account after submitting for a GoPay Plus upgrade and you have never used your ID for an upgrade, please report this in the article: GoPay Plus upgrade is rejected because ID has been registered

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