Report unknown transaction

Please check the conditions below if you find an unknown transaction before reporting it to us.

  • Merchant location shows the unknown location. For example, in another city

Merchant's location in the app may be different from the location used when the Merchant registered their business. Therefore we recommend you look at the Merchant's name and remember the amount you paid.

  • Unknown Google Play transactions

Visit this article for solutions and reporting.

  • Unknown Apple transactions

Visit this article for solutions and reporting.

  • GoPay is linked to other applications as a payment method for subscriptions, and the free trial period has expired

When you connect GoPay to another application, all subsequent transactions by the application provider (such as Google or the game developer) will be considered authorized by the GoPay account holder without prior notice following the initial authorization when connecting the account and the initial date of subscription.

  • Gojek service subscription package transactions

Check your subscription plan on the "Subscription" page. Perhaps you accidentally bought it. It is important to know that subscription packages that have been purchased cannot be refunded.

Please report to us by clicking the Contact Us* button below if you have checked the above condition yet still feel that there is a transaction you do not recognize.

*) Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

Please note: Submission of the report does not guarantee a refund. Any refund request is subject to assessment under the terms and conditions of the Money Back Guarantee program.

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