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My account was hijacked by someone else
My account was hijacked by someone else

Here are first aids to secure your account if you think someone is using your account without your knowledge:

  • Change your data, such as mobile phone number, email, name, and GoPay PIN, if you receive a notification of a data change that you did not make. Learn how to do it here.  
  • Confirm with family, friends, or relatives if there are unknown transactions. If not from them, read the following article. 
  • Learn more if you find transactions from Google Play atau Apple.

What if I have done the steps above, but someone is still using my account?

Report it to us immediately by clicking Contact us button*  below so we can help you. 

We also have tips to secure your Gojek account so it won’t happen again. Read here.

*) Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet


  • Any refund request is subject to assessment under the terms and conditions of the Money Back Guarantee program.
  • Our refund policy does not cover the loss of the GoPay balance due to a seller scam, someone trying to provide gift prizes, or if you have shared your OTP/PIN/Login Link with another party.
  • Suppose you see someone else's information on the Profile page after registering your new number with your Gojek account; you may have purchased a recycled phone number that was previously registered with another Gojek account. If true, immediately change the data.