GoMart order terms

Here are the terms that you need to know before ordering GoMart:

  • Maximum dimension of the product is 70 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
  • Maximum weight of the product is 25kg
  • Additional fee for shopping bag applies in several GoMart operational areas
  • The available payment methods for GoMart are cash and non-cash (excluding GoPayLater)
  • You cannot add more products once your order is placed. So, make sure that you've picked all the products you want to buy before you click ‘Order’. An exception occurs if the order is prepared by a shopping assistant, when there is an order that you want to change or add, you can chat the GoMart shopping assistant (click here for more info).

So… If you already know the terms of GoMart, let’s order! Click here to see how to order GoMart.

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