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How to use GoMart

Now you don't have to go through traffic or even queue just to buy your daily needs. With GoMart, our driver will buy your daily needs based on your order. For more information about GoMart, please click here.

Also, you can make multiple orders at the same time and you can easily contact our driver through the chat feature.

Here are the steps to use GoMart:

  1. In Gojek app homepage, click GoMart

  1. Choose your delivery location

  1. Choose the products you want, then click'Add' to set the quantity of products you want to buy

  1. If you have chosen the products you want, you can see the order details in ‘Order Confirmation’ page. 
    *Please remember, you cannot add more product once your order is placed. So, make sure that the products you've picked is exactly the product that you want, then click ‘Order’

  1. Choose the payment method that you want: GoPay, cash, or partial (GoPay and cash combination)

  1. When driver accepts your order, the driver will buy the products based on your order in the app and then deliver it to the destination
  2. In'My Order' page, you can see your order status, click here to find out more

(Order Page that has 3 GoMart orders)

If there is a reduction in the number of items you've ordered in the middle of your order due to out of stock or unavailable items, the driver will contact you via chat or by phone call. So, please make sure that your phone number registered in Gojek app is active. Don’t worry, you would also receive the order's receipt from the driver.

Once the driver has your confirmation, he / she will also confirm it in their app and you will get a notification.

After the driver delivers your GoMart order, a rating page will appear.

Can I use PayLater to pay my GoMart order?
Sorry, currently PayLater can't be used as a payment method for GoMart :(

*GoMart is only available in Jabodetabek with operational hours from 08:00 to 21:30 WIB. But, don’t worry! GoMart will come to your city soon :)