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I can't use GoPay

If GoPay cannot be used for transactions, please always ensure the following:

  • GoPay balance is sufficient 
  • GoPay is upgraded to GoPay Plus to transfer to another Gojek user and bank account
  • Phone camera access has been allowed to transact by scanning a QR code

However, if GoPay cannot be used including while linking to other apps and there are error notifications appears or you face an issue such as:

  • GoPay is not available 
  • Wallet  blocked  / GoPay is currently blocked 
  • Your GoPay cannot be used
  • We are securing your GoPay
  • Or you are unable to use GoPay Coins

This means that there is a violation indication of the Terms and Conditions of GoPay usage. If you have followed the Terms and Conditions but are still unable to use GoPay, please report it to us by clicking 'Contact us' below so we can help you.

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

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