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Interface and notification problem

If you have problems with the Gojek app interface such as:

  1. Interface in the app remains the same after updating

  2. Order is completed but still showing

  3. Order progress is not displayed, driver profile, and rating menu doesn’t appear

  4. Cannot use chat feature

  5. Price couldn’t be loaded

  6. Couldn’t load the location

  7. Unable to load payment details

  8. Can't load balance

Make sure your internet connection and GPS is active is stable. After that, you can force close your Gojek app and clear cache. Also, make sure the version of the Gojek app you have is the latest version.

However, if you get notifications such as “GoPay is not available”, “Your GoPay is blocked”, “Unusual Device Setup”, “We found something is not right with your account”, “Wallet locked”, “Server busy”, and “You can't use this feature” there’s  possiblity that something is not right with your account or blocked.

Please report to us regarding any interface and notification problems you are experiencing by clicking the Contact Us* button below. We will gladly help you.

*) Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet.

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