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How to order GoFood

Below are the steps of using GoFood:

  • Choose GoFood on your Gojek app homepage. Or, swipe up the services menu to find GoFood.
  • Select a restaurant that you want or use the search bar to search for a specific restaurant or menu

Note: A green check mark in the restaurant search results indicates that the restaurant has complied with the J3K protocol.

  • On the restaurant page, select the menu and enter the amount of your order
  • Click the ‘Notes’ button to add notes to your order, for example, "Don't use vegetables", "Not spicy", etc.
  • Click the estimated price button at the bottom of the screen when you are done ordering

  • Choose Delivery if you want driver to deliver it or choose Pickup* if you want to pick up the food by yourself at the restaurant

*The Pickup feature is only available at selected merchants

  • If you choose Delivery, enter your shipping address
  • Select your preferred payment method, then click ‘Order’


  • The maximum of delivery distance is 25 km
  • For selected areas in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Surabaya maximum delivery distance is applicable up to 8 km
  • You can’t cancel, add, or remove your order if you order from Super Partners, so please make sure that your order is correct
  • Parking fees prior to pick-up is the driver responsibility, unless it’s previously agreed to be paid by the customer
  • Parking fees after pickup are the responsibility of the customer, with prior agreement before entering the parking area and toll lane
  • You can still chat with the driver up to 15 minutes after your order is completed
  • You can see your chat history with the driver for 24 hours after your order is completed
  • In certain restaurants, you will be charged for a Restaurant Takeaway Charge. The amount may vary according to the restaurant’s policy that you can see on the checkout page.
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