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How to order GoFood

Use GoFood to deliver your favorite food with maximum 25 km delivery distance. You can find various food from 100.000 different restaurants and see the estimated price of each menu. In GoFood, you can also make multiple orders at a time.

*For selected areas in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Surabaya maximum delivery distance is applicable up to 8 km

Below are the steps of using GoFood:

  1. Choose GoFood in the Gojek Services

  2. Select the restaurant, use search button to help search for the restaurant


  1. Select the menu you wish to order. You can not change the estimated price when the order is already placed. Please contact your driver to re-confirm the price


  1. Enter the amount of your order. Price on the app is only an estimate, so it may differ in the actual store
  2. Select 'Estimated Price' on the bottom when you are done ordering
  3. Make sure that your order is correct

  1. Enter your shipping address
  2. Select your preferred payment method
    *In GoFood, you can use a payment combination of GoPay and cash! Click here for more information
  3. Select 'Order' to make a reservation

  1. When you get a driver, you can see his/her location and contact him/her via call or in-app chat. However, you will not be able to send in-app chat (and will automatically be directed to SMS) if you have trouble with your internet connection 

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Can I use GoFood to deliver food for friends or family outside my city?

Be chill, now you can order for your beloved ones with GoFood. Click ‘Your Location’ menu and change to the location that you want. Sst! You can also search by typing the location on search bar or clicking ‘Select on Map’ button. 

For your information, Your Location feature is only available for selected users. But don't be sad! If you don't have the feature yet, just wait for it. We will bring this feature to you as soon as possible.
*This feature is available for Indonesia location only.

I cannot make an order due to notification of "Enable your location service", what should I do?

Do not panic, this notification occurs due to interference with the connectivity of your device. Please click the link here to set GPS with high accuracy mode.

Regarding parking fees and tolls, you need to remember:

1. Before pick-up (GoRide/GoCar/GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods/food (GoFood/GoShop/GoMart), parking fees and tolls are driver’s responsibility, unless previously agreed to be paid by the customer
2. After pick-up (GoRide/GoCar/GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods/food (GoFood/GoShop/GoMart), parking fees and tolls are customer's responsibility with prior agreement before entering the parking area and toll lane