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I want to order a car

Use GoCar to get you around and ride comfortably with a maximum distance of 100 km. You can also make multiple orders at a time.

In GoCar, you can't choose the type of car you want to ride, and you might also get a Blue Bird taxi. You will get a pop-up notification when you get a Blue Bird taxi for your ride.

Please keep in mind that for GoCar and Blue Bird taxi, the number of passengers is limited to only 4 (four) people. Before making an order, make sure you are ready and at the pickup location as the driver will immediately come to the pickup location after receiving your order. In Gojek app, you can easily communicate  with your driver by using chat feature.

But if you plan to ride GoCar together with your friends for more than 4 people, you can use GoCar (L). For more information about GoCar (L) services, you can check here.

  1. Choose GoCar in main menu

  1. You can set your drop-off location by:
  • Choosing the suggested location
  • Typing on the search bar or selecting the location via map and moving the pin around
  1. You can confirm your destination location by clicking the ‘Set Pickup'
  1. If you choose public places like mall, airport, or office building as your pick-up location, you can pick one of the suggested pick-up points as the picture below
  1. You can also help our Driver to easily find you by adding a note that will be shown after you choose your pick-up location
    Example: Please pick me up at Tanah Abang Station, I am in front of Abadi Jaya Shop

Select your preferred payment method (GoPay, cash or LinkAja). If you have an active GoCar voucher, your fare will automatically be deducted according to your voucher value

  1. Select 'Order GoCar ' to make a reservation
  1. If you couldn’t find the nearest Driver from your pick-up location, a notification will appear and you can retry to find Driver by click ‘Retry Order’

  1. When you get a Driver, you can see their location and contact them through call or in-app chat

  1. If you want to cancel your order, click the ‘Cancel Order’ button and click ‘Yes’ on the verification message

Hey, we got you something new!

In GoCar, we have new feature called Safe Trip Kit that you can use for security during your trip. Find out the information here.

And if you have arrived at your destination…

Don’t forget to rate your kind-hearted driver. You will also have your GoCar receipt sent to your email at the end of the trip. Make sure that your email address is already verified. To verify your email, please go to 'Account'. 

The latest version of Gojek app, allow you to change your destination with ‘Edit Destination’ feature as long as your order is still ongoing. Click here for more information.

Can I order GoCar for my friend in different location?

Of course you can! Click here to see how.


Regarding parking fees and tolls, you need to remember:
1. Before pick-up (GoRide / GoCar / GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods / food (GoFood / GoShop / GoMart), parking fees and tolls are driver’s responsibility, unless previously agreed to be paid by the customer
2. After pick-up (GoRide / GoCar / GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods / food (GoFood / GoShop / GoMart), parking fees and tolls are customer's responsibility with prior agreement before entering the parking area and toll lane