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How do i edit my destination?

Are you on your way with GoCar or GoRide driver and want to change destination location due to wrongfully entered the address? Or, your friend suddenly changes a plan? Worry not! Use 'Edit Destination'feature!

Now GoCar* and GoRide has a new feature that makes you easier to edit your destination location while using using it. 

Here are the steps:

  1. On the way using GoCar, open the 'Ongoing Orders', then click on your current order
  2. Select ‘Edit’

(sample on GoCar service)

  1. Type the new destination location that you want to go**

  1. Your trip fare will automatically change according to the new destination. Make sure you have enough cash or GoPay*** credit, because if the change is closer, the fare remains in accordance with the original destination. If you change the distance further, the fare can go up, and you can't change the payment method while on trip.

    But not to worry. If you use GoPay, you can top up your GoPay credit first before changing destination by clicking the 'Top Up' button

  2. Have you checked your new destination? If it's correct, click'Confirm'

  1. Finish! Your destination has been changed!

(sample on GoCar service)


Can I use the 'Edit Destination' feature for many times in one trip?
Sorry, you can't. You can only use the ‘Edit Destination’ feature once in one trip while using GoCar or GoRide

*The 'Edit Destination' feature can only be used for GoCar services and does not apply when you get a Blue Bird taxi
**The 'Edit Destination' feature does not apply to payments using vouchers
***You can edit the destination with a maximum distance of 100 km for GoCar and 25 km for GoRide