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GoCar (L) Services

Bring your family together in one trip with GoCar (L)!

GoCar (L) is a GoCar service with a capacity of up to maximum 6 (six) passenger seats with maximum distance of 100 km. You can bring all your friends and family together in one trip.

Now you can enjoy GoCar (L) service in 54 (fourteen) cities in Indonesia. Click here to see the cities for more information. 

To order GoCar (L) services, you can just simply order GoCar as usual. After you fill in the pick up address and destination location, you can choose the GoCar (L) service by clicking the 3 black dots in the right corner on the order page.

(GoCar (L) order page)

To enjoy GoCar (L) service, make sure Gojek app that you have is in the latest version.