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Login link did not work

Failed to log in after clicking the login link? These might be the possible causes:

  • The login link is no longer valid because it exceeded the validity period of 5 minutes. Click the 'Request new link' button so we can send you a new login link.
  • Wrong login link, most probably because it was sent from a different device. The login link will only work on the device that requested it.

    If you receive an SMS containing the login link on a different device, click here to find out what you can do.
  • Internet connection or server problem.

Please check your internet connection, then click the ‘Resendor ‘Request new link’ button so we can send you a new link.

  • You have more than one profile on your Android device so that you are directed to the Play Store when you click the login link.

This happens because the login link can’t detect the Gojek app installed on your secondary profile. Please uninstall your Gojek app and reinstall it on the main profile of your Android device, then try to log in again.

  • You choose the browser to access the link, so you are redirected to the Gojek website (instead of the Gojek app) after clicking the login link.

To fix this:

  1. Clear your browser data;
  2. Restart your device; then
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes before trying to log in again

If it still doesn’t work:

  1. Uninstall Gojek app;
  2. Clear your browser data;
  3. Restart your device;
  4. Reinstall Gojek app after boot up; then
  5. Wait for 2-3 minutes before trying to log in again


  • You can only request a new login link after the timer value runs out
  • If you get “Way too often. Try again after some time” notification, please wait a few moments before you try again

In some cases (but rarely happen), the login link that you receive may also be unclickable. In this case, Android users can try the following ways:

  • Copy and paste the login link that you receive on the browser or chat app that you usually use
  • For Xiaomi users, make Gojek SMS a trusted SMS account on the default messaging app

After that, try clicking the login link again to log in.

Hope this information helps.

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