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How to use login link

After entering your phone number to log in to your Gojek account, instead of one-time password (OTP), a login link will be sent through SMS to the number you have entered. This is how it looks:

Click on the link to continue your login to the app.


  • Login link will expire in 5 minutes – your link will become invalid after that. You will need to click on the ‘Request new link’ button to get a new link.
  • Login link will only work on the device that requested it. Please make sure you request for the link using the correct phone number and device.

    If you receive an SMS containing a link where your number is used on a different device, then you can:
  1. Move the SIM card to your main device;
  2. Update your registered number in the Gojek account with the number on your main device; or
  3. Forward the SMS that you received to the number on your main device. Never forward the SMS to a number that is not yours. Always be careful of fraud. Gojek never asks for your personal data, including an SMS containing the OTP code / link.
  • In some cases (but rarely happen) the link can be unclickable. But no need to worry, you can copy and paste the link that you receive in your browser, if you don't automatically log in into your Gojek account.
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