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I can't use GoPay
I can't use GoPay

Make sure you have upgraded to GoPay Plus if you want to make a transfer. You must also wait 30-60 minutes if you change your GoPay PIN. And if the GoPay balance cannot be loaded, you can raise a report in this article.

However, if GoPay cannot be used and you get notifications such as "GoPay is currently blocked", "Your GoPay cannot be used", and "You can’t use this feature", this means that there is a violation indication of the Terms and Conditions of GoPay usage. The violations such as but are not limited to misuse of promos or cashback, suspicious transaction patterns, reports of indications of fraud without revocation of reports, or accounts being secured.

What should I do to get help?

Report to us immediately by clicking 'Contact us'* below and fill out the form. We will immediately contact you in a maximum of 2x24 hours after the report is received.

Please note: If the information in your app has indicated a certain time period of your sanction/block (example: X hours or Y days), then you can wait until the time period expires for the account or feature to return to normal functionality.

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet