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Log in with face ID/fingerprint

On Gojek version 4.3 or above, logging in to your Gojek account is easier and more secure using Face ID/Fingerprint feature/PIN. Face ID/Fingerprint feature is only available if your device supports Face ID/Fingerprint authentication. Please make sure the PIN setup and the Face ID/Fingerprint authentication is activated on your device before using this feature to log in to the Gojek app.

How to enable Face ID/Fingerprint to log in

  1. Enable Face ID/Fingerprint while log in using phone number After you have successfully logged in using the OTP or the link, simply click ‘Quick Login’ to enable Face ID/Fingerprint/PIN for login
  2. Enable Face ID/Fingerprint from ‘My Profile’ page Click the button on the ‘Quick Login’ menu to enable it, you can also disable the Face ID/Fingerprint/PIN for login on this menu.

How to log in using Face ID/Fingerprint

  • Choose Quick login to log in
  • Enter PIN, or put your camera in the position that can capture your face, or scan your finger on the fingerprint sensor

Please make sure the following things below if you fail to login with Face ID/Fingerprint:

  • Make sure the Face ID/Fingerprint feature on your phone is active
  • Make sure not to exceed the maximum attempts for Face ID/fingerprint recognition (three times for Android devices and twice for iOS)
  • Make sure to enter your phone passcode correctly when you exceed the maximum  attempts for Face ID /fingerprint recognition.

If you have confirmed the things above but still can't login, please login to your Gojek app using the phone number.

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