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How to log in to Gojek account

Login to your Gojek account by following these easy steps:

1. Open Gojek app and click ‘Log in’*

2. Enter your registered phone number (make sure the country code is correct)

3. A verification code (OTP) or login link will be sent via SMS to your phone number**. Make sure you have a good internet connection and cell signal.

Remember: don’t share your OTP or login link with anyone, including Gojek.

4. If you received an OTP, enter the 4 (four) digits then click ‘Confirm’.

Keep in mind that the OTP code that we sent can only be used 1 (one) time and only valid for 5 minutes.

If you received a login link, you only need to click the link to continue the login process (the login link feature will be released gradually for users of Gojek app version 4.3 and above).

(Login link example)

5. You will be logged in to your Gojek account after your OTP or login link has been successfully verified

For additional information, if you receive an SMS containing a login link where your number is used on a different device, then you can:

  • Move the SIM card with the registered phone number on your Gojek account to your main device;
  • Update your registered number in the Gojek account with the number on your main device; or
  • Forward the SMS that you received to the number on your main device. 

Never forward the SMS to a number that is not yours. Always be careful of fraud. Gojek never asks for your personal data, including an SMS containing the OTP code/login link.

If you haven't already done so, don't forget to immediately verify your email and set a GoPay PIN for the security of your Gojek account.

*) If you have activated the Fingerprint/Face ID feature on Gojek app version 4.3 and above, here’s what you will see:

Read more about how to login with Fingerprint/Face ID feature HERE.

**) If you see one of the following screens after inputting your phone number, it means that the system will automatically verify your SIM card. You only need to wait and if the verification is successful, you will automatically log into your Gojek account.

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