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I can’t change my profile because phone number/email is already registered

When changing your profile, ensure that the new email address and phone number you entered have never been registered with another Gojek account.

What if the phone number is already registered with another account?

If it's already registered, you cannot change your profile and receive the following notification:

However, if you are sure that you have never registered your phone number in another account and still want to use it, please let us know by clicking the 'Contact Us'* button below.

What if the email address is already registered with another account?

Just like the phone number, if the email you entered is already registered with another account, you can't use it and will get the following notification:

In this case, please enter another email address that has never been registered with any Gojek account, as one email address can only be used for one Gojek account. Please read this article for information on changing your email address.

*'Contact Us' button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

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