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J3K Safe Zones

J3K Safe Zones
Gojek · 7 Aug 2020

Hi Gojekers,

Nowadays, health, hygiene and safety are being prioritized by all layers of society. Understanding this situation, we have taken the initiative to improve our current strategic GoRide/GoCar Pickup Points to be “J3K Safe Zone”. The elevated standard in these pick up locations is one form of our J3K (Stay Healthy, Hygienic and Protected) protocol that we have implemented in various services of Gojek. 

Your safety and wellbeing are our utmost priority. Therefore, to accommodate your mobility needs as well as our driver-partners’, we have prepared J3K Safe Zones in certain locations. While you are in this area, please make sure that you follow a series of sterilization protocols carried out by our well-trained staff to ensure your health & safety before getting on a GoRide/GoCar.

J3K Safe Zones Health Protocols 

  1. Body temperature check 

  2. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer to avoid the risk of transmission

  3. Get a mask and a haircap from our personnel. It is mandatory to wear a mask during your GoRide/ GoCar trip

  4. Comply with social distancing procedure, make sure to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in the queue while waiting to get picked up
  5. Our personnel will also provide you hair caps and spray disinfectant on your helmet as well as your car handle

Beside running the protocol to ensure your safety and health, the J3K Safe Zone also provides the largest hand sanitizer in Jakarta! From 3 - 31 August, 2020, you can refill hand sanitizer bottles up to 60 ml or use the hand sanitizer directly from the largest hand sanitizer dispensers located in Juanda KRL Station and Dukuh Atas MRT.

The usage and refilling of hand sanitizer bottles are free of charge.

You only need to take a photo of the hand sanitizer dispenser and post it on Instagram / Twitterwith the hashtag #GiantHandSanitizerGojek. Not only that, you can also get a free mask from Gojek while supplies are available!

Come and fill your hand sanitizer bottle at Juanda KRL Station and Dukuh Atas MRT.

Here are the Gojek’s J3K Safe Zones Instant you can visit:


  • Medan:
      • Bandar Udara Internasional Kualanamu
  • Bandung:
      • Cihampelas Walk 
  • Yogyakarta:
      • Bandar Udara Internasional Yogyakarta
  • Surabaya:
      • Stasiun Gubeng Baru
      • Stasiun Wonokromo
  • Makassar:
    • Trans Studio Mall

List of other J3K Safe Zones that you can visit:

  • Surabaya: 
      • Stasiun Sidoarjo - [Gerbang] Lobby Utama
  • Bali:
      • Level 21
  • Semarang:
      • Pasar Swalayan ADA Setiabudi
      • DP Mall
      • Kawasan Simpang Lima
  • Palembang:
      • OPI Mall
  • Bandung:
      • Istana BEC - Lobby Utama BEC 1
  • Surabaya:
      • Fresh Market Citraland
      • Purbaya Bus Station 
  • Makassar:
      • Pasar Segar
  • Yogyakarta
    • Jogja City Mall 

Contact the Ministry of Health hotline of the Republic of Indonesia at 119 ext. 9 or the website www.covid19.go.id for more information about COVID-19. By implementing the J3K protocol together, #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to make life more safe and enjoyable. 

Note:The content of this blog can be changed at any time in accordance with the conditions and applicable rules.