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Gojek Fraud: How to Detect it, Avoid it, Report it

Gojek Fraud: How to Detect it, Avoid it, Report it
Gojek / 7 Jan 2020

Hi Gojekers,

Your security is our top priority at Gojek. Therefore, we want to make sure you get comprehensive protection in the transaction process within Gojek application. With the rise of fraud cases targeting victims of smartphone users, keep in mind that neither Gojek nor partners or official Gojek drivers ever ask for an OTP (One Time Password) code for users for any reason! Check what you must know to detect frauds and ensure your Gojek account security below.

How to Detect Frauds & Protect Your Gojek Account

  1. There are frauds who request OTP codes either by phone, SMS or even chat features in Gojek.

This fraud’s modus operandi is not only targeting users as victims but also Gojek driver-partners. Not having much of a difference from the infamous "Mama Minta Pulsa" modus operandi that was rife a few years ago, usually, fraudsters will seduce their victims to provide OTP codes sent by SMS for various reasons.

This OTP code that will be sent via SMS is very important because it will be a verification step during an attempted change of profile such as a PIN, telephone number, email, name and so on inside Gojek application.

Please remember that Gojek never asks for an OTP code for any reason! So, if someone asks for this code, you must be careful and maintain the confidentiality of your OTP code.

  1. There are frauds who ask you to call with a suspicious code.

Like the previous case, this modus operandi also targets users and drivers as victims. Fraudsters will ask victims to call suspicious code prefixes like ** 21*, ** 62 *, ** 67 *, ** 61 * and so on.

This code is called Call Forwarding feature that can divert incoming calls to your number, to another number without your knowledge; not to tap or hack your mobile phone. To ensure your security, firstly check this number’s activation status by making a call to number * # 21 #. Then, immediately turn off this feature by making a call to number ## 21 #.

  1. There are frauds who ask you to send some money to a GoPay account or other banks.

Please note that Gojek never asks its users to make transactions via bank transfers or GoPay accounts for any reason. All processes for ordering and paying for Gojek services are ONLY carried out through deducting your GoPay and PayLater balances or cash.

To avoid all types of fraudulent, make sure your account is secure by installing a PIN number to improve the security of your transactions and never give an OTP code to anyone including Gojek! Get comprehensive information to secure your account here: Three Easy Steps to Make a Safer Gojek Account

Immediately contact Gojek if you have problems or receive one of the suspicious requests above via:

In addition to reach those ways, you can also read information related to the security of your Gojek account by clicking the Gojek Help Page. Or through your Gojek application by accessing your profile account and selecting the Help menu.

Here are Gojek's official social media accounts:

  • Instagram: @GojekIndonesia
  • Twitter: @gojekindonesia
  • Line: Gojek Indonesia

Ignore all forms of SMS / telephone / suspicious requests above. Remember! Gojek never asks for any code from the user, and never share an OTP code with anyone including Gojek.

Only YOU can know your CODE. So keep it confidential! Distribute this information to friends who need it. Do not stop at you.