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Auto-payment terms of use

To use auto-payment feature on GoTagihan, please make sure you’ve read these things below:

  • You can only use GoPay as payment method for auto-payment feature on GoTagihan
  • To see your payment status, check Inbox and Payment History on GoTagihan.
  • If you change your GoPay PIN, please re-enter your PIN to activate your auto-payment
  • The auto-payment schedule is D-5 before the due dates (due dates depend on the billers). E.g.: If the PLN Postpaid due date is on 20th of each month, then the auto-payment schedule will be on 15th of each month
  • If three days after the auto-payment schedule your GoPay balance is insufficient to pay the bill, kindly pay manually on GoTagihan.

*Currently, auto-payment feature is only available on Android for PLN Postpaid, PDAM, BPJS, PGN, Biznet, MNC Vision, Okevision, Top TV, Transvision, CBN, Takaful, and Tri Postpaid payment.

**Based on BPJS Kesehatan's new policy,  you have to set an auto-debit method for the payment.  Therefore, please make sure you have set the auto-payment feature on GoTagihan for your BPJS payment before September 1st 2020.

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