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How to give rating and tip to driver

You can show your appreciation by giving a rating and tip to our driver right after they completed the order.

But if you forgot to give rating and tip to driver, you can simply follow these steps:

  • Open ‘My Profile’ page from the Gojek home menu then click ‘My Orders
  • Click the ‘History’ button at the top right corner of the page and choose the order that you want to give rating
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  • Give star(s) to the driver to rate their service. After giving a star, you will see a list of reasons you can choose
  • You can also tip the driver. The nominal tip that can be given depends on the GoPay balance you have
  • Next, give additional comment about the driver in comment box if needed, then click 'Done' 


  1. If you forgot to tip your driver yet you already submitted your rating or you want to give more tip, please tell us by clicking the email button below 
  2. The rating and tip that you have submitted cannot be revised
  3. Please make sure you gave the proper rating and tip based on your experience before you submit it
  4. You can only tip driver if you make a payment using GoPay and you have enough GoPay balance to do so
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