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I want to send a package

Use GoSend to deliver packages or documents within your area. You can search or pin point any locations for pick up as long as it is within 100 km radius from your current location or other location if you want to pick up the package from another place. In GoSend, you can also make multiple orders at a time.

Before you place an order using GoSend, there are few things that you should pay attention to:

First, please ensure that our driver can access the delivery location

If the delivery location is an apartment, office building, etc., and you wanted the driver to go up to the destination floor, please make sure that our driver is allowed to go there. There is a possibility that your package or documents has been delivered to the destination, but the driver cannot go there without permission. Who knows?

Second, please ensure that the goods are in accordance with the terms and conditions below:

  • 70x50x50 cm dimension
  • Not fragile
  • Not easily broken
  • Not animal(s)
  • Not drugs or any kind of illegal substances
  • Maximum weight 20 kg
  • Not allowed to sending goods to and from penitentiary institution

Below are the steps of using GoSend:

  1. Choose GoSend in Gojek services

  2. Select destination location

  1. Add destination location details, package details, and recipient contact
  2. Choose 'Next' to continue

  1. Complete pick up details (pick up location and sender contact)
  2. Choose 'Next' to continue

  1. Click the icon on the bottom right to select a payment method (GoPay or cash)
  2. Select 'Order GoSend' to complete the booking

Now GoSend has insurance! In the latest Gojek app version, you will get insurance offered by Gojek and Pasarpolis up to Rp1.000.000 or Rp10.000.000 when you choose to pay a premium one with the additional price of Rp500. You can see more information in this article.

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Then, how do I find out who received my package after it has been delivered?

After the package has successfully delivered by the driver, you might want to see who received your package. Is it in accordance with what you wrote in the application?

Now, to see it, you can visit the 'Orders' page, then go to the 'History' and select GoSend history you want.

Here it is! You can see the receiver of the your package and the details of the GoSend delivery transaction that was successful.


Regarding parking fees and tolls, you need to remember:

1. Before pick-up (GoRide / GoCar / GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods / food (GoFood / GoShop / GoMart), parking fees and tolls are driver’s responsibility, unless previously agreed to be paid by the customer

2. After pick-up (GoRide / GoCar / GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods / food (GoFood / GoShop / GoMart), parking fees and tolls are customer's responsibility with prior agreement before entering the parking area and toll lane