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Type of Delivery Service

Currently, Gojek has 2 (two) delivery services, Same Day Delivery and Instant Delivery that you can choose as your shipping metodes on several e-commerce sites.

You can see on the table below to see the differences between these shipping metodes:

The following certain areas are: 

  • The entire area of Jakarta
  • The entire area of Depok including some areas in Cibinong
  • The entire area of Bandung
  • The entire area of Tangerang including some areas in Cisauk
  • The entire area of Bekasi including some areas in Tambun Selatan.

If you're in a certain area but want to use regular GoSend services, then choose the Instant Delivery option. However, for those of you who are outside of a certain area, then you can use the regular GoSend Service.

The differences between ordering GoSend Same Day Delivery service through your Gojek app and e-commerce sites:

I don't understand the status in my GoSend Same Day Delivery service, can you explain it to me?

Of course! Click HERE to see the meaning of your GoSend Same Day Delivery service status.


Are there a certain booking time for GoSend Same Day Delivery service?

The booking time of each e-commerce is different, please visit your preferred e-commerce FAQ page for more information.