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How to order a bike

Use GoRide to get to wherever you want, faster and hassle-free! Our drivers are ready to take you anywhere with a maximum distance of 30 km. Also, you can make multiple orders at a time. 

Before making an order, make sure you are ready and at the pickup location as the driver will immediately come to the pick up location after receiving your order.

In the latest version of Gojek app, you can communicate with GoRide driver easily through the in-app chat feature. Below are the steps of using GoRide: 

1. Choose GoRide in main menu

2. You can set your drop-off location by:

a. Choosing the suggested location

b. Typing the destination on the search bar, or by dragging up the line above 'Where would you like to go?’ and click 'Select via map'

*Make sure you have a stable internet connection and an active GPS to help the map detecting your location appropriately

3. After setting your drop-off location, you can choose (or change) your pick-up location. Just click on the pick up location, then choose your pick up location

You can also help our driver to easily find you by adding a note that will be shown after you choose your pick up location.

4. If you choose public places like mall, airport, or office building as your pick-up location, you can pick one of the suggested pick-up points as the picture below then click ‘Next’

5. Select your preferred payment method (GoPay, cash, or LinkAja). If you have an active GoRide voucher, your fare will automatically be deducted according to your voucher value 

media url

6. Select 'Order GoRide' to make a reservation

If you couldn’t find the nearest driver from your pick up location, there will be notification as below:


7. When you get a driver, you can see his/her location and contact him/her via call or in-app chat. However, you will not be able to send in-app chat (and will automatically be directed to SMS) if you have trouble with your internet connection


8. If you want to cancel your order, click the ‘Cancel Order’ button and click ‘Yes’ on the verification message

If you have arrived at your destination...

It's time for you to rate your driver! See the steps here. You need the receipt? Just relax, we will automatically send the receipt to your verified e-mail. If you think your e-mail hasn't been verified, go to 'My Account' page. 

Hey, we got news for you!

The latest version of Gojek app, allow you to change your destination with ‘Edit Destination’ feature as long as your order is still ongoing. Click here for more information.

Can I order GoRide for my friend in different location?

Of course you can! Click here to see how.

Regarding parking fees and tolls, you need to remember:

1. Before pick-up (GoRide / GoCar / GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods / food (GoFood / GoShop / GoMart), parking fees and tolls are driver’s responsibility, unless previously agreed to be paid by the customer
2. After pick-up (GoRide / GoCar / GoBluebird) and / or taking goods (GoSend) and / or purchase of goods / food (GoFood / GoShop / GoMart), parking fees and tolls are customer's responsibility with prior agreement before entering the parking area and toll lane