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How to use GoPulsa

To make your GoPulsa transaction more secure, you need to enter a GoPay PIN when making transaction. To do that, you need to update your app version first . Here’s how to top up your phone credit and data package through GoPulsa:

  1. Choose GoPulsa in main menu

  1. Make sure that your GoPay balance is sufficient
  2. Input the phone number or choose ‘Book’ icon if the destination number is in your phone book contact 
  3. Choose the type of GoPulsa you want to purchase
  • Choose ‘Pulsa’ to purchase phone credit amount
  • Choose ‘Mobile Data' to purchase mobile data package

media url 

(to purchase pulsa)

media url

(to purchase mobile data)


  1. Make  sure you have input the correct phone number and choose the correct amount, then click ‘Order’ to proceed the transaction

  1. Enter your GoPay PIN to finish the transaction. Click here to set your GoPay PIN