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GoPay upgrade account is rejected

If your GoPay account upgrade was rejected, you will get a push notification from Gojek app explaining why your GoPay account upgrade was rejected or from Inbox page on Gojek app. 

If you can’t find the information from the notification or Inbox page, you can check the reason why you were rejected in GoPay Account Upgrade page by following these steps below: 

  1. Choose More on GoPay section 
  2. Click ‘Upgrade your GoPay Account (Free)’ like the picture below 
  3. Then click Upgrade Now to see reject reason that you can see within the red bar on top of the page 

The following are some of the reasons why your GoPay Account Upgrade could be rejected: 

The document you uploaded was considered damaged 

Please make sure your ID information (Character, signature, and photo) is readable and verifiable. You can use other IDs between KTP/SIM/Passport if there’s any damage on ID you used to Upgrade GoPay Account. 

Your selfie with ID is blurred 

Please make sure your photo ID and selfie aren’t blurred before you try to upgrade your GoPay account again. 

Selfie and ID Photos aren’t fully visible 

Please make sure the ID you uploaded is fully visible and the selfie photos isn’t blocked by your ID. 

Your uploaded photos are not in accordance with our terms 

You can upgrade your GoPay account again by uploading the documents according with our terms such as: 

  • ID submitted is KTP/SIM/PASSPORT 
  • Holding the ID while taking selfie photo 
  • Photo on your ID must be original not tampered 

Another reasons as of why your Upgrade was rejected because: 

  • Your ID or selfie with ID photos are covered with flash 
  • Your ID and Selfie with ID photos are dark 
  • You uploaded different ID document with the one you have chosen 
  • Your ID and selfie with ID aren’t captured directly from your phone 
  • Your selfie and ID photo is not the same person 
  • You have exceeded the time limit of using the ID 

Now you already know why your upgrade account was rejected, you can try to upgrade your GoPay account again by following the steps on this here .