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GoPay plus status is downgraded to regular

We’re sorry if your GoPay Plus is downgraded to regular GoPay (not upgraded).

There are few reasons why this happened, such as:

  1. Your ID is used for more than 1 account
  2. There were differences in the data you submitted when you upgraded GoPay with the current data in Dukcapil (e.g. your name, address, marital status, etc.)

To be able to get GoPay Plus back, you can immediately submit for an upgrade to GoPay Plus again using data that matches with the data in Dukcapil. Also please make sure your ID has never been used in any GoPay account because one ID can only be used by one GoPay Plus account. Click to upgrade on the Plus* page.
Further information regarding the terms of upgrading GoPay to GoPay Plus can be viewed here.
However, If after upgrade to GoPay Plus again but the status is still rejected, please visit GoPay account upgrade is rejectedarticle and tick the statement below the article to state that you have made sure the data used is correct so we can help you to follow up. GoPay has the right to reject GoPay account verification as stated in the applicable terms & conditions here.

*Links only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

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