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Pay with GoPay at Google Play Store

Now you can pay at Google Play Store with GoPay as the payment methods.  

All you have to do is register your Gojek account first to pay with GoPay, here’s how to register your Gojek account: 

  1. Open Google Play Store app on your phone or tablet 
  2. Click bars in the top of the left side
  3. Under 'Add Payment Method' click 'Add GoPay'

4. You will be redirected to Gojek App

5. Input your GoPay PIN 

6. Now you can use GoPay as payment methods on Google Play Store 

If you already register your Gojek account, now you can pay at Google Play Store with GoPay by following easy steps below: 

  1. Open Google Play Store app 
  2. Choose the Item within the app you want to buy 
  3. Choose GoPay as payment methods 
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction 

*Click here to see further information related to Payment Methods on Google Play Store.