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Pay with GoPay on JD.ID app

To pay at JD.ID app with GoPay the first thing you have to do is to activate Gojek account on JD.ID app. Here’s how:

  • Choose ‘My Account’ on JD.ID app
    *You can activate GoPay from the checkout page
  • Choose ‘Activate’on GoPay icon then tab‘Activate GoPay’
  • Make sure the phone number on JD.ID app and Gojek app you want to activate is the same
  • Enter the OTP code that sent via SMS
  • You will be redirected to Gojek app to input your GoPay PIN
  • Done! Your GoPay has been activated on JD.ID app

Then to pay at JD.ID app with GoPay, simply choose GoPay as the payment method and input your GoPay PIN.