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What is Mission on Gojek app?

Mission is a new feature that allows you to join a mission and get cashback or Gojek services voucher as a reward once you have completed all tasks from the mission.

Currently we’re releasing Mission to some of eligible users. You can use Mission if you see Mission icon on More section in GoPay features:

There are 2 (two) two ways to join a GoPay Mission:

Special Mission

Special Mission is a mission that you have to complete just by yourself.

If you see the Mission icon already, let's follow these easy steps below to start a mission:

  • Choose ‘More’ on GoPay menu
  • Click ‘Mission’ 
  • Click ‘I am in’ if it’s your first time then choose the available missions


  • Important thing that you should do is to see Mission Details first, such as: Reward/Cashback Amount, Total Tasks, Time Left, and Terms & Conditions


  • Do the first task to start the mission and complete all tasks to achieve the reward

Group Mission

Group Mission is a mission that you have to complete by inviting your friends. Clickherefor more information on how to complete Group Mission.

What if I already join a mission and want to continue the task?
On Mission page click ‘In Progress’ to see the remaining tasks on your current mission. You can also see the completed or expired mission on ‘Past’ page and check new available missions on ‘New’ page.

How do I solve any problems related to Mission feature?
For now if you’re facing problems such as:

  • Mission disappears even it hasn’t exceeded the time limit
  • Can’t complete the remaining tasks
  • Mission hasn’t been completed after finishing all tasks
  • Haven’t received the cashback after completing mission

Please report this to us via email at cs@go-pay.co.id. 

Why there is no Mission feature on my Gojek app?
Relax, we are currently working on making Mission feature available to more users.