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What is Mission on Gojek app?

Missionis a feature that allows you to join missions and get a cashback or voucher as a rewardonce you have completed all tasks from the mission.

You can find the Mission feature on the ‘More’ page on the GoPay menu of your Gojek app homepage.

gopay more

On the Mission page, you can choose:

  • New’ to see new missions that you can join
  • In progress’ to see the remaining tasks on your current mission
  • Past’ to see your completed missions and expired missions that you did not complete

How to run a Mission

There are 2 types of mission that you can join:

Special Mission

Special Mission is a mission that you have to completejust by yourself.

Follow these steps to start carrying out the mission:

  • Choose the mission that you want to join
  • Make sure you have read and understand the information as follow on the Mission overview page:
    • Cashback or voucher that you will get as a reward
    • Tasks that you must complete
    • Mission deadline
    • Mission terms and conditions
  • Do the first task to start the mission and complete all tasks to achieve the reward.

Group Mission

Group Mission is a mission that you have to complete by inviting your friends.

Clickherefor more information about how to complete Group Mission.

How do I solve any problems related to Mission feature?
For now if you’re facing problems such as:

  • Mission disappears even it hasn’t exceeded the time limit
  • Can’t complete the remaining tasks
  • Mission hasn’t been completed after finishing all tasks
  • Haven’t received the cashback after completing mission

You can tell us more about your experience via Gojek Help page by clicking the Contact Us* below.

*The Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet.