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How to complete Group Mission

In the Mission feature, there is also a Group Mission,where you can complete missions together with your friends! Let's invite your friends to hunt for rewards in Group Mission. 

To get the rewards you can be a Referrer or Referee 

Let's follow these easy steps below to start a Group Mission: 


  • Referrer will be chosen based on transactions they have made on Gojek. The more often you use Gojek, the greater opportunity to get a chance to join Mission 
  • Each Referrer will get a different mission 
  • Referrer must invite 1 (one) or more friends who have never used Gojek or have never transacted anything using GoPay. You can invite friends to join the Mission simply by clicking on the Group Mission card that you can get through notifications or on the homepage of your Gojek app then click'Start' 

You can also see a Mission Detail of Group Mission, click 'Start'to start playing Group Mission with your friends 

  • Click'Invite friends' to invite your friends to this Group Mission 

You can invite your friends by sharing the Group Mission link via Chat feature on the Gojek app or to other platforms such as (WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Email, etc.). 

*You can basically copy the link and share it anywhere you want to 

  • You can receive rewards after all of your friends have completed all tasks from the mission. 


  • Referee will get a mission from the Referrer in the form of a link like in the picture below 


  • Referee can also see their Mission that given by Referrer in‘More’on GoPay menu 
  • Click ‘Accept'to start Group Mission 
  • Referee will receive a reward if they have completed all the tasks that were given by the Referrer. 

Exciting right? You can get a reward from GoPay in a fun way that you can play Mission with friends, if you don't have friends, hurry up and find friends now :P. Who knows you are the one who is lucky enough to join the GoPay Mission. 

How do I solve any problems related to Mission feature?
For now if you’re facing problems such as: 

  • Mission disappears even it hasn’t exceeded the time limit 
  • Can’t complete the remaining tasks 
  • Mission hasn’t been completed after finishing all tasks 
  • Haven’t received the cashback after completing mission 

Please report this to us via email at cs@go-pay.co.id. Also clickhereto read the general terms of GoPay promo.