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How to manage your BCA Debit Card for Instant Top Up

If you already registered your BCA Debit Card on Gojek app, you can manage your BCA Debit Card like to adjust your daily limit to top up GoPay credit and also to delete your registered BCA Debit Card.

Here’s how to manage your BCA Debit Card on Gojek app:

  • Choose Explore on GoPay menu then click More
  • Choose Settings
  • Click Manage Debit Card


Choose your registered BCA Debit Card to:

  1. Remove: Click Trash Bin logo on the right top of the screen then click Yes to confirm your request
  2. Adjust Daily Limit: Choose Adjust Daily Limit to set the daily limit

Please keep in mind that your daily limit is limited to Rp1.000.000 and also you won’t be able to add your Debit BCA Card again, once you have removed your BCA Debit Card from Gojek app.

You can contact Halo BCA through phone on 1500888 or via Twitter at @HaloBCA for further assistance.

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