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Pay your parking fee with GoPay

Now you can pay your parking fee at Secure Parking using GoPay.

Before paying the parking fee, please make sure you’re using the latest version of the Gojek app, your GoPay credit is sufficient, and you’ve given access to your camera for Gojek app. 

If you’ve made sure those things above, follow these steps to pay your parking fee:

  1. Open Gojek app
  2. Click 'Pay' on Gojek homepage
  3. Scan the barcode on the parking ticket
  4. Click 'Verify to Continue' on Receivers Detail
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  1. Input GoPay PIN
  2. Your request to pay with GoPay submitted to the system

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  1. If you have registered your parking ticket, you just have to show your parking ticket at the exit counter
  2. Your GoPay balance will be deducted after the Parking Office has scanned your ticket
  3. You will get a notification once the payment succeed

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Is there any limit to pay for parking with GoPay?

The maximum payment to pay your parking fee with GoPay is IDR 50.0000.

Where can I pay my parking fee with GoPay?

You can see where you can pay your parking fee with GoPay here.