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Payment combination using GoPay/PayLater and cash

Want to order something but your GoPay or PayLater balance is only enough to pay for part of the total amount of your order? Just combine it with cash!

Gojek accepts a combination of payment usingGoPay and cash for these services:

  1. GoFood
  2. GoShop
  3. GoMart

For GoFood, now you can also pay your order with combination of PayLater and cash. However, if PayLater does not appear as one of the payment methods when you want to pay your order, it means that Paylater is still not available for your GoFood service.

Beside these 3 (three) services, you can only make payment by one method, which is GoPay, cash, PayLater, or LinkAja only.

Please note that you can only pay with a combination of GoPay or PayLater and cash if your GoPay or PayLater balance is insufficient to pay your order.

For example: 

You have Rp50.000 on your GoPay or PayLater balance and you want to order GoFood worth of Rp120.000. There are several ways to pay your order:

  1. Top up your GoPay balance, so you can pay entirely with your GoPay
  2. Pay your PayLater bills first so you can pay entirely with PayLater
  3. Pay with the whole remaining balance of your GoPay or PayLater balance and the rest with cash (Rp50.000 in GoPay or PayLater + Rp70.000 in cash)
  4. Full payment with cash
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