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What is GoPay?

GoPay is an electronic money for any payment and financial transaction that you can use through Gojek app. You can use GoPay for:

  • Transaction in Gojek app
    Your balance can be used for GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird, GoFood, GoShop, GoMart, GoSend, GoBox, GoPulsa GoBills, GoTix, GoMassage,and GoClean.
  • In-Store Payment
    You can also use GoPay as a payment method for your transaction at GoPay merchant.
  • Online Payment
    Besides in-store payment, you can also use GoPay as a payment method for your transaction at several online stores. Read more about it here.
  • Other Transactions
    If you have already upgraded your GoPay to GoPay Plus, you can transfer your GoPay credit to other Gojek users and you can also withdraw your GoPay credit through your bank account.
  • Payment with PayLater
    Selected customers can also make payments in Gojek app, in-store payment, and online payment using PayLater. With PayLater, you can do transactions now and pay it with your GoPay balance no later than by the end of the month. For more information, read here.

Gopay features include: 


  1. Pay:This feature is a merger between 'Transfer' and 'Scan QR' on the latest version. Use this to transfer your balance to other GoPay accounts, make payment at GoPay merchants, and shop at online store by scanning the QR code or by showing GoPay Code from Gojek app (only for payment in Alfamart).
  2. PayLater:This feature allows you to see your PayLater transaction history, view and pay your PayLater bills, and get all the information that you need about PayLater.
  3. Top Up: Use this feature to top up your GoPay credit using BCA OneKlik and see more information on how to top up your GoPay credit via ATM, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Driver, Alfa Group, and Pegadaian.
  4. More: If you click this icon, it will show you more of GoPay features.
  5. Mission: You can use this feature to join available missions and get the reward
  6. Request: Use this feature to receive payment from other GoPay users by asking them to scan your QR code or directly ask for it from your contact list.
  7. History:This feature shows your transaction history.
  8. Withdraw:You can use this feature to transfer your GoPay credit to your bank account. In other words, you can withdraw your GoPay credit via your bank account.
  9. Bills:This feature helps you to use GoBills.
  10. Pulsa:This feature helps you to use GoPulsa.
  11. Promo: This feature allows you to see various GoPay promo.
  12. Setting:You can use this feature to view your GoPay upgrade to GoPay Plus status, manage your debit cards and payment method, set your GoPay PIN, manage applications connected to GoPay, and see information about GoPay terms and conditions.
  13. Help:You can learn all about GoPay and find solutions for your inquiry here.
  14. GoGames:This feature helps you to use GoGames.
  15. You got no PIN yet!: Use this feature to set your PIN to secure your GoPay credit. PIN is also necessary to use other features like ‘Transfer’, ‘Withdraw’, and transaction in GoBills or GoPulsa.
  16. Upgrade GoPay Plus, it’s free!:This feature helps you to upgrade your GoPay to GoPay Plus so you can use GoPay features such as 'Transfer' and 'Withdraw'. 


Is there a limit to my GoPay balance? 

Maximum GoPay Balance Limit

Non-upgraded GoPay to GoPay Plus: Rp2.000.000

Upgraded GoPay to GoPay Plus: Rp10.000.000

Maximum Accumulation of GoPay Balance Top Up Limit

All GoPay account: Rp20.000.000/month. The limit will be reset automatically every 1st of each month.

Your GoPay balance top up or receive transaction will fail if the amount causes your balance to exceed the specified limit.