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Driver asked for more payment

For every order you make in Gojek app has been calculated in the best possible way so the payment you should pay to the driver is the total price stated on your app with the payment method that you choose. However, if the driver asked for more payment for the parking fees and/or toll fees, you can see the terms below:

Parking Fees:

  • Paid by the driver if the driver has not picked upthe customer (GoRide/GoCar/GoBluebird), picked up the goods (GoSend), or bought the order (GoFood/GoShop/GoMart)
  • Paid by the customer if the driver has picked up the customer (GoRide/GoCar/GoBluebird), picked up the goods (GoSend), or bought the order (GoFood/GoShop/GoMart)

Toll Fees:

  • Paid by customer if on the trip to the destination location, customer and driver need to agree first if they want to take the route that passes the toll

If you’re sure that the driver asked for money that is not in accordance with the terms above, we are deeply sorry about this.Please report it to us via Gojek Help page (under My Profile menu) by clicking the Contact Us* below this article. We will be glad to help. 

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet


We do not recommend you to pay more including to transfer money to anyone. Payments made outside of applicable regulations are not our responsibility.

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