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I experienced a scam

Please report your problem to us by clicking the email button below if you experienced a scam for cases like:

  • Telling that you won a contest and got a voucher, cashback, special promo, or cash as the prizes
  • Asking you to transfer certain amount of money or GoPay balance
  • Asking for your OTP code for various reasons
  • Or other scam cases that you can see in this article

In the future, to prevent you from any fraudulent acts, please make sure the information you read is valid. You can get information about Gojek or GoPay below:

Please always be careful of fake accounts on behalf of Gojek or GoPay, because the official Gojek or GoPay accounts have been verified with a blue tick or verified logo.

Gojek Indonesia never asks for your OTP code(the 4-digits number that Gojek sent to your phone number via SMS when logging in to Gojek). So, if any party asks for OTP code on behalf of Gojek Indonesia,please do not believe and do not share it.

Important notes!Here are the characteristics of fraudsters that you should be aware of:

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