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Problem with GPS

We do understand how annoying it is when you try making an order but a trouble comes, especially GPS thingy such as:

  1. GPS location is not accurate
  2. GPS location is not detectable

Chill, this may happen due to interference with device connectivity. Just follow these easy steps to solve it:

  1. Turn off GPS and turn it on again, or you can restart your device
  2. Make sure your internet is on and your connectivity is stable
  3. Make sure your device’s connectivity signal is high
  4. Make sure your connection is on 3G, H, or 4G
  5. Set your Location in your phone settings menu by following these steps:
    1. Android Go to ‘Settings’ menu in your phone, then search ‘Location’ menu > turn on your ‘Location Access’ > set your location to ‘High Accuracy
    2. iOS Go to ‘Settings’ menu on your phone, then choose 'Privacy' menu > ‘Location Services’ > turn off your ‘Location Access’ >  turn on your ‘Location Access’.


  • You can use the nearest wifi connection if you’re still facing the same problem, it may happen due to slow provider connection
  • You can use ‘Select via map’ feature to make your pick-up and destination more accurate. Don’t forget to add location details to make it easier for drivers to find your location.
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