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How to chat with my driver

Here’s how to communicate with Gojek drivers via chat:

  • Once you’re done ordering and got a driver, you can send a chat to him/her by pressing the message buttonas shown below:
  • You can also send a chat from the ‘Track your order’feature on the homepage and from the ‘Ongoing orders’page
  • Write your message to the driver on the chat page, or you can simply select the Quick Messagesprovided. In the latest version of Gojek app, you can also send pictures to the driver! Just press the camera logo, then click 'Sure, go ahead’so Gojek can access your camera.


  • Chat feature can only be used if you and the driver have the latest version of Gojek app
  • You can no longer use the chat feature when your order has been completed
  • Unsent message is marked with a clock sign. Sent message is marked with one grey tick. While messages received by the driver are marked with two grey ticks, and two white ticks means that the driver has read the message.
  • If your internet network is not good, you can only use SMSor telephoneto contact the driver

Chat feature to drivers can only be used if you order the GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird, GoMart, GoSend, GoFood, and GoShopservices

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