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How to chat with my driver

After you’ve found the driver, there are 4 ways to chat them:

1. On the Order tracking screen, tap on the message icon.

2. On the Gojek homepage, tap on the ‘Chat’ button under ‘Track your order’

3. On the Gojek homepage, swipe left or click ‘Chat’ to find the Chat feature.

4. On your Profile page, click Orders, go to Ongoing orders, then click the ‘Chat’ button.


  • The Chat with driver feature is only available in GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird, GoMart, GoSend, GoFood, and GoShop orders
  • Common signs/icons and their meanings:
  • If the chat is not delivered or the driver doesn't read your chats, you can contact the driver by phone by clicking the 'Call' button
  • The Chat feature may not appear if your internet connection or the driver’s internet connection is unstable. You can still send messages to the driver by clicking the 'SMS' button.
  • You can send a picture to the driver by clicking the camera icon
  • You can send a quick message by choosing one of the chat template available


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