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How to create Bank Jago account via Gojek app
How to create Bank Jago account via Gojek app

The main requirement to create a Jago account in Gojek app is that you are an Indonesian Citizen (WNI) with an e-KTP and a GoPay Plus user.

Here’s how:

1. Select ‘Explore’ on the GoPay menu, then click 'Jago’

2. You will be directed to the Jago registration page, click ‘Get started’

If you are not a GoPay Plus user

  • Upload your eKTP

  • Upload your selfie while holding eKTP

If you are already a GoPay Plus user

  • You only have to fill out the required form, including the NIK/date of birth you used when upgrading to GoPay Plus.

3. Enter additional information as a requirement to open an account in Bank Jago

4. Read and confirm the Terms and Conditions by giving a tick mark

5. The process of data verification will take approximately 1x24 hours.  If your data is approved, you can immediately use your Jago Pocket as a payment method in the Gojek app.


  • For easier Bank Jago transactions, you can also download the Jago app