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Bank Jago activation via video call
Bank Jago activation via video call

After you've done with registration, your Bank Jago account is not immediately activated, preventing you from adding money or doing any transaction activities such as sending money. 

To fully experience your Bank Jago and access all features provided, you have to activate your account that you can do via video call. This is a process required by OJK.

Things that you need to pay attention to before the video call activation

  • You should have enough quota of mobile data or be connected to Wi-Fi
  • Good internet connection for a smooth video call process
  • You have given access permission to your phone’s microphone and camera for Gojek app
  • Have good lighting and a decent volume for the video call


  • There won’t be any charge for the video call as it uses your internet connection
  • If the video call was dropped during the process, you can always retry
  • Bank Jago agent will be available for 24 hours to help with your activation
  • If the activation through the Gojek app is failed, you can try the registration process again