How to top up e-money

If you want to top up your e-money card on GoTagihan, make sure your NFC feature is activated or enter the card number correctly. Then, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Choose GoTagihan on Gojek homepage
  2. Click ‘Electronic Money’
  3. Place your e-money card on the back of your phone or enter your card number
  4. Choose the available amount you want to top up
  5. Scan fingerprint/face or enter your GoPay PIN
  6. Done! You will be redirected to the success transaction screen

To update your e-money balance, simply place your e-money card on the back of your phone again on the success transaction screen. You will get a push notification once your e-money balance is updated.

Or, you can visit the nearest ATM according to the e-money issuing bank to update your e-money balance.

*Currently e-money top up is only available for Android users.

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